Technology Rotation Leasing - The Smart Solution!

Lower your technology costs, increase your profits, and add flexibility!

CapX Funding offers a unique program, designed for businesses that need to keep the latest technology in front of their people and, as a result, need true technology rotation capability every two or three years.

Here's why you need Technology Rotation Leasing:
  • Usually a 24 to 36 month lease term, often tied to the manufacturer’s warranty period
  • Competitive lease rentals, reflective of the equipment’s projected residual value and your negotiated     purchase price
  • Transfer the technology obsolescence risk to the Lessor
  • End of lease flexibility; Lessee may elect any of the following options:
    1. Return some or all of the equipment (not “all or none”)
    2. Continue to rent for an agreed upon fixed period
    3. Purchase the equipment for its Fair Market Value
  • The lease payments are expensed for tax purposes and often for accounting purposes as well
  • The Lessee only pays for the use of the equipment, providing the lowest possible cost for the technology
  • This program truly offers end users a leasing solution that meets their technology and financial needs


Pricing for Technology Rotation Leasing is equipment specific, please contact us for a quote.