Equipment Leasing and Why Lease? - Profits come from use - not ownership

It makes economic sense!

All businesses need capital to fuel their growth. Equipment leasing offers clear advantages over other types of financing or paying cash. Research shows that 85% of businesses utilize leasing to acquire equipment. 

Conserves Capital

Your money is not tied up in equipment, so it is available for other uses, such as marketing, inventory, salaries, expansion, acquisitions, or other investments that will rise in value. Leasing also preserves your bank lines for more productive uses.

100% Funding

Leasing covers the full equipment cost plus related installation, shipping and taxes, with no down payment required, in most cases. This is contrary to most bank financings.

Improved Cash Flow

The equipment pays for itself over time. Remember, it’s the use of the equipment, not the ownership that generates profits and/or savings.

Fixed Payments

Your lease payments are fixed for the entire term and are not subject to interest rate adjustments. This helps with budgeting and planning for your business.

Fast and Easy

A simple application process, quick approvals, and our outstanding service will help you get the equipment you need with the least amount of hassle.

Tax Savings

Payments on qualifying leases can be expensed on a company’s tax return, which often reduces overall tax liability, including the alternative minimum tax. (Consult your tax advisor)

Avoids Obsolescence

Leasing affords the opportunity to easily and economically upgrade equipment as needed.