Vendors - Are you offering leasing to your customers?

Leasing is a valuable Sales Tool – CapX has it!

85% of U.S. businesses lease some or all of their equipment, and lease financing accounts for over 30% of the dollars spent on capital equipment every year – do you offer it to your customers?

CapX will empower your sales force with this important closing tool, which will increase your company’s revenues and give you a real competitive advantage.

Leasing as a Sales Tool

Overcome Price Objections:

Your customer sees the equipment acquisition in terms of an affordable monthly payment, rather than the full selling price.

Increase Revenue:

Lease financing enables the customer to acquire the equipment they need now, rather than postponing it until they can pay for it all at once. Lessees spend 20% more when financing, and 9% will add more features to their order – capture this additional revenue by offering a lease financing solution.

Remove the Competition:

Your customers save time when you provide them with a complete solution that includes lease financing – no need to shop around.

Meet Credit Challenges:

CapX has a wide credit window, often providing a way for young or budget constrained companies to buy from you – now!


In most cases, we can accommodate required order deposits, prior to delivery of the equipment. Many customers appreciate this service.

Capture Repeat Business:

Upgrading your customer’s equipment is usually simple with a lease. You capture the repeat business and keep your customer.

Maintain Your Relationships: By using a consultative approach, we’ll help guide your customers through the lease process, ensuring they have a positive experience.


CapX will provide your company with competitive lease financing programs that win business and become an extension of your sales force.

Manage cash flow:

The equipment pays for itself over time, with minimal up-front outlays. Payments will be structured to meet cash flow needs and budget constraints.

Tax Advantages:

Customers may be able to take advantage of substantial tax benefits which ultimately lowers the true cost of equipment ownership.

Avoid Obsolescence:

Since upgrading is so easy, the most modern equipment is always available.