Working Capital Programs

It’s no secret that traditional lenders have largely abandoned the working capital needs of small businesses, across all industries. And yet the strength of our economy has always been, and still is driven by the health of small businesses. And nothing is more important to any small business than cash flow. However, the timing of that cash flow can often be very challenging, thereby creating a constant need for working capital solutions to deal with those timing gaps. CapX Funding offers cash flow solutions that address those challenges, via two basic types of programs.

Working Capital Loans

Businesses with a consistent revenue stream have untapped borrowing potential. We can help companies, which may have been considered too risky by traditional lenders, qualify for up to $250,000 by offering alternative financing options. Here are some key features of our working capital programs:

  • Who Qualifies? small to mid-size businesses with consistent and diverse revenues
  • Simple Application Process – 1-page application & bank statements; tax returns rarely required
  • Fast Approval – quotes received within 24-48 hours, and money in your business account as fast as 2-4 business days
  • Repayment Terms – range from 6-18 months, with 9-12 months being the most common
  • Renewal is quick & easy – for customers in good standing, the renewal process is simple and fast
  • All Business Types – funding is available for nearly all business types, with few exceptions
  • Credit Not an Issue – whether you have good credit, bad credit, tax liens, judgments, or have been rejected by banks, we can help you obtain the working capital your business needs.

Account Receivable Factoring

Many businesses regularly wait 30, 45, 60 or even 90 days to be paid for invoices they’ve sent out for completed sales or services. This timing gap often places enormous pressure on cash flow, as the small business owner’s expenses simply do not wait. We offer a time-proven, efficient solution for this issue, which will immediately pay you up to 95% of the invoiced amount. That solution is called Accounts Receivable Factoring.

Things to know:

  • Invoice factoring provides your business with flexible and immediate cash to support your cash flow needs
  • Factoring can provide your business with access to cash beyond it’s own equity strength, as it is not based on the strength of your business, but rather the strength of your customers’ credit
  • You determine how much to use the factoring facility each month, based on your cash flow needs
  • The cost is often very similar to offering a discount for invoice payment within 30 days, which has been a long-standing approach to invoicing
  • Factoring can help meet seasonal demands, take advantage of supplier discounts, or act on any other cash need your business may have


Call us today, and let us help you take control of your company’s cash flow challenges now!